Tropical Fruit Gourmet Popcorn

Tropical Fruit Gourmet Popcorn

Intl Popcorn is a family owned company that is very passionate about producing gourmet popcorn that is healthier, and taste great too! Our goal is to produce a vast number of unique flavors that range from simple to the most exotic while at the same time use only the best quality ingredients to make each flavor taste great and healthier than the typical popcorn company. To start we air-pop all our flavors (thus eliminating the fattening and unhealthy oils most companies use in the popping process – (to keep their costs down). Intl-pop does not cut corners this is why we stand out from all the others! We also do not use any preservatives, chemicals, high fructose corn syrup or trans fats in our products. WE PUT QUALITY BEFORE PROFITS AND IT SHOWS!



Guava Infused Glazed Candy Popcorn

Guava Infused Popcorn


Our Gourmet Popcorn VS Regular Popcorn What Makes Our Gourmet Popcorn So Different & Better? Curious minds want to know! What is the difference between gourmet popcorn and regular, traditional popcorn?  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a real definition of what exactly is gourmet popcorn“. Intl-pop would like to clarify this to all of our popcorn fans. Traditional VS Gourmet When you think of popcorn you tend to think of a tin can with the traditional regular popcorn, in it. Usually it’s just plain, buttery, cheesy or sweet caramel. We are now happy to say those days are long gone. Presently, gourmet popcorn can come in a variety of flavors for all types of taste buds! Whether you like Hot & Spicy like Buffalo Wings, Sweet like Smore’s, Sweet –N- Tart like Lemon-Lime Ade or just Extra Cheesy International Popcorn can just about satisfy any taste bud! We even take requests we Love mixing up funky combinations! The Quality of the Corn Two of the main differences between gourmet-flavored popcorn and regular popcorn are 1. How they are made 2. the quality of corn being used. With regular store bought or microwave popped popcorn, any type of corn is being used even non gmo! Whereas with gourmet popcorn, only the finest quality Non GMO corn is used! Intl-pop only chooses a monster grade of kernels to be air popped, this makes for that “big round ball affect”! With our monster kernels combined with our delicious top of the line flavors and natural ingredients you will have the Best popcorn to munch on, we promise! Is it Healthier than Regular Popcorn? YES! The #1 reason why our gourmet popcorn is better than regular popcorn is that it’s air popped, no oils used just hot air this alone makes it healthier! When it comes to regular popcorn, especially the microwavable kinds, the ingredients are loaded with preservatives as well as high levels of oils, salts and sugars and loads of preservatives! With our gourmet popcorn, you will have seasons & ingredients that are more natural with NO PRESERVATIVES this means they are lower in salts and sugars, and are a great source of fiber, and all around healthy snack. Intl-pop prides itself in using only ingredients you would use in your own home, after all We Eat Our Product, Our Family& Friends Eat Our Products! This alone should make you feel confident in purchasing from intl-pop! A list of our ingredients is listed on each & every bag, we are confident you will be able to read and recognize each and every one! Now that you know the difference between Our Gourmet popcorn vs regular popcorn, we hope we’ve made your decision easy for you. When you’re craving flavored popcorn always go for Gourmet, International Popcorn of course! The Kernel & His Mate      

Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack


Our products are now being distributed to various supermarkets and retailers throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. We are always looking for distributors and wholesalers. If you are interested in buying wholesale or distributing our products, please contact us for more information.


You can always reach us at:

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