Tropical Fruit Gourmet Popcorn

Tropical Fruit Gourmet Popcorn

Intl Popcorn is a family owned company that is very passionate about producing gourmet popcorn that is healthier, but taste great too!

Our goal is to produce a vast number of unique flavors that range from simple to the most exotic while at the same time use only the best quality ingredients to make each flavor taste great and healthier then the typical popcorn company.

We do this by only air-popping all our flavors (thus eliminating the fattening and unhealthy oils most companies use in the popping process – because its cheaper).

We also  don’t use any preservatives, chemicals, high fructose corn syrup or trans fats because: WE PUT QUALITY BEFORE PROFITS!


Guava Infused Glazed Candy Popcorn

Guava Infused Popcorn

                        HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT

            • We Pop our Popcorn fresh & ONLY use NON-GMO popcorn.

            • We Air-Pop all our popcorn for a nice crisp taste which also gives you the healthiest popcorn since we are not using any oils or artificial chemicals during the popping process.  

            • We also do not use any preservatives, high-fructose corn-syrups, trans-fats or chemicals. We use only REAL ingredients.  This assures that our customers are not only getting delicious tasting popcorn, but a much healthier product then other products on the market.

            • Our handcrafted gourmet popcorn is always made in small batches as ordered which preserves that home made taste & Authenticity.

            • We stand behind our product by guaranteeing your satisfaction!


Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack


Our products are now being distributed to various supermarkets and retailers throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. We are always looking for distributors and wholesalers. If you are interested in buying wholesale or distributing our products, please contact us for more information.


You can always reach us at:

(201) 588-7672

wholesale @ intl-pop.com