The pOnut! The first commercially available Popcorn Donut!

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The pOnut! The first commercially available Popcorn Donut!

Totowa, NJ – Intl Popcorn has done it again by introducing the first commercially available Popcorn donut rightfully
called the pOnut! Using some of the over 100 different flavors of gourmet popcorn that Intl. Popcorn currently produces, they take those flavors along with Belgium chocolates and other fresh and delicious toppings to create over 50 different flavors of pOnuts. The flavors choices stem from the basic vanilla with sprinkles, to the more exotic of caramel maple & bacon. Biting into a pOnut is not only more delicious and nutritious than a regular donut, but it actually has less calories too! This is due to them being made with Non‐GMO popcorn that is air‐popped saving over half the calories from the traditional donut that is fried in fatty oils. The average donut ranges from 200‐500 calories, where the pOnut starts off at only a mere 80 calories!
Customers can try these and their other 100+ unique flavors of gourmet popcorn by visiting their retail store at 490 Riverview Drive, Totowa, NJ or by ordering through their website, intl‐ They will also begin selling them through amazon in the next few weeks as well.


Birthday Cake pOnut

Birthday Cake Ponut

About International Popcorn Co.

International Popcorn is a popcorn and confectionary manufacturer focused on providing healthier snacks and products to consumers and the food industry. They currently have over 100+ flavors and continue to add flavors based on customer demand. They currently have one retail location in Totowa, NJ but are planning to add additional locations in the near future. For more information, visit intl‐

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